Brenn-O-Kem Cropped-Tartaric-Acid

Natural Tartaric Acid

Brenn-O-Kem is the largest importer of tartaric acid in South Africa. We export the raw material, calcium tartrate, to be processed into tartaric acid.

Tartaric acid is used in the following industries:


  • Wine industry for acidification of grape musts.
  • Pharmaceutical industry as an excipient or carrier for the active ingredient.
  • Bakery industry as an emulsifier and preservative.
  • Cement, plaster and gypsum industries for the retardant action.
  • Food industry as an acidifier and taste enhancer in sweets, jellies, jams, fruit nectar and ice creams.
  • Can be used in grease and oils as an antioxidant and for polishing and cleaning of metals.

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