We produce and sell crude grape seed oil, an intermediate product. This crude grape seed oil is sold to refineries that refine the oil to the end product. Refined Grape Seed Oil can be used for both the Culinary and Cosmetic industry.

  • Cooking Benefits
    Use in salads, sauces, marinades, baking and deep frying.
    Great emulsifier for mayonnaise.
    Tolerates very high temperatures.
    Excellent base for infusing with garlic, herbs and spices
    Can be used as part of a low fat diet because of the low saturated fats
  • Body and Skin Benefits
    It has been the preferred cosmetic ingredient for damaged and stressed tissues for centuries.
    Possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities on the dermis for treatment of stretch marks, stubborn acne, chapped lips, feet and hands.
    Emollient properties moisturize the whole body.
    Slightly astringent qualities and tighten and tone the skin.
    Especially effective for repair of the skin around the eyes.
    Excellent carrier oil for essential oils in aromatherapy.
    Perfect lubricant for shaving
    Conditions hair to a silky lustre and enhances growth.
    Helps with itching, scaly flaking and odour of feet.
    SUN CARE: Repairs and soothes sunburn.

Source: Soill (Southern Oil Ltd)

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