Used in the wine industry for the stabilizing of wine tartrate, in oenological and pharmaceutical industries, by the food industries as acidulant and for the manufacturing of baking powder.

Our Cream of Tartar is manufactured from raw materials obtained from the South African wine cellars in the Western Cape. The crude Cream of Tartar in these raw materials is therefore 100% natural origin. Cream of Tartar is the mono potassium salt of L(+) Tartaric Acid, which is the fruit acid characteristic of grapes. The refining process involves the use of clean water as solvent.

The Cream of Tartar that Brenn-O-Kem supplies has been manufactured, directly or indirectly, without the aid of genetic modification techniques. See Product Declaration download
Our Cream of Tartar is a Food Grade Product, and does not contain colourants, antibiotics or melamine.

We confirm that the cream of tartar supplied by us is not affected by the following allergens:

  • Gluten cereals; Crustaceans; Eggs; Fish; Peanuts; Soybeans; Milk; Nuts; Celery; Mustard; or Sesame seed.
  • The cream of tartar does contain SO², in levels of less than 200 ppm.


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